"Can You Hear Me Now?" The Secret Service Shopper Tries-on Verizon


I really hate going to the cellular phone store. Really hate it.

I’m always frustrated with my customer service experience because the sales people always try to sell me gadgets, not solutions. No, I do not need a camera phone. No, I do not need an MP3 player phone. No, I do not need text messaging to compete with my already overused Blackberry! No, I do not need the “cell-phone-that-does-it-all” generation telling me the features and functionality I need in to do my job! Read on ...

Should you trade with Joe? The Secret Service Shopper visits the “Store of Stories”


Twas the day before Father’s Day, and the Secret Service Shopper was off to the neighborhood grocery store in search of basic foods and exotic beverages (F&B). I wasn’t necessarily looking for a grocery-store adventure, but I wanted to treat my Father’s Day guests and myself to something completely different. And in the food business, few stores are as completely different as Trader Joe’s. Read on ...

The Barnes and Noble Customer Experience


It was Wednesday, June 15 at 1:30 when I entered the Barnes and Noble Booksellers store at the Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, CA. The Spectrum was designed by depraved evil architects, whose crowning achievement was to create the world’s most congested parking lot. From the start, this customer experience had its challenges. Read on ...