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Leadership and Passion

It is great to see an organization that is passionate about what it does and it is even more exciting when that organization is able to apply their passion a way that creates lasting value. Pete McGarahan’s organization, McGarahan & Associates, is that type of organization; not only are they leading experts in what they do but they create lasting value for their customers. McGarahan and Associates’ mission is not only to understand your problem and desired end state but to work with you and your staff to ensure that the solution is right sized for your organization, is maintainable and sustainable.

Although McGarahan and Associates uses a well-defined methodology and approach he doesn’t try to make “one size fit all” when working with his clients. Knowing what is important to an organization and, just as importantly, what is not important is something McGarahan and Associates does extremely well.  At the end of the day, Pete and his team deliver more than a well executed and successful project – they leave an organization with the knowledge and tools that they can use to continuously build and improve upon to delivery valued services.

Shawn Johnson
Senior IS Leader in the Energy Sector

Taking Career Action

I first saw your article Being The CEO of YOU back in 2006 and I refer to it every so often just as a reminder. I am sharing it now with my team in hopes that they will recieve similiar benefits in taking action and ownership in managing their own career development. Thank you so much for the lessons and your willingness to share them with the rest of the industry.

Michael Gallagher
VP of Logistics, HD Supply

HDI Support Center Team Lead course

"I recently attended the HDI Support Center Team Lead course, which far and away became my favorite IT course taken to date.  Peter McGarahan's delivery style kept the entire class fully engaged and participative from start to finish.  His clear and concise delivery method enabled me to be in the best possible position to write my certification exam.  I highly recommend attending any of Pete's classes, especially the excellent HDI Certification Programs.  You will receive full value, and then some!"

Jeff Krueger
IT Service Advisor, PotashCorp


“PURPOSEFUL SUPPORT PRACTICES contains rich and relevant content, fun graphics and straightforward bullet lists makes it mandatory reading for all IT Service Professionals.”

Malcolm Fry
Service and Support Industry Consultant & Thought Leader 


“If you read one industry paper this year in hopes of significantly impacting your Support Center's performance, perception and perspective — make it this one!”

Ron Muns
Founder, HDI & Service and Support Industry Thought Leader

An Inspiration To Me!

I obtained both my Helpdesk Manager and Director certificates from STI Knowledge (Helpdesk 2000).  When I was writing my business case for the Director Certification, you attentively responded to my inquiries and provided the direction that I needed to complete the study successfully.  Your energy and passion were unparalled.  You were inspirational to me because you truly believed in the service this program offered.  In a word, you "glowed" and some 10+ years later, I had the good sense to remember your name! 

Debra Oglesby
Project Manager

Ownership and Accountability

Good Afternoon Peter,
First and foremost please allow me to express my thanks for the information you have provided us who are seeking a better way to support our customers.
The documentation on Total Contact Ownership (TCO) you have written is outstanding. It has influenced the company I work for in creating a strong foundation in improving the way we service our customers.
We couldn’t have been successful without the valuable information you provided us.
Thank you,
Nathaniel "Nate" Wood
Service Desk Operations Supervisor

A Wealth of Knowledge

Hi Pete,

I was honoured to meet you at the HDI conference in Dallas and sat in on all your sessions. I found you to be a wealth of knowledge and really appreciated all that you shared.

Thank you once again for all the great information. If there is anything that I can do in return, please don't hesitate to ask.

I thank you for all your time, knowldge, quick responses and willingness to share.

Agnes Mhene
Customer Support Analyst III
Customer Support Centre, ISD

Thank You Again for an Excellent Presentation!

Hello Pete,

I want to thank you for the "Get Promoted" Webinar you did October 3rd for the HDI Customer Service Week. I attended the Webinar with my manager and we enjoyed it so much we set up special meetings for my team and his other direct reports to view it.

I am using pieces as review items in 1X1's to make sure the techs are "taking inventory". I have been in the business world for over 35 years and this is the best I have seen in a long time, maybe ever.

It is to the point and factual about what is going to happen to a person over their work years and careers.

Thank you again for an excellent presentation.

Terry Farmer
IT Manager
National Instruments Service Desk

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