Define What Success Looks Like - Then Measure It!

by Pete McGarahan

This month's personal story is a very special one. Service and support guru Pete McGarahan is sharing a story with you about who he is, his work, his family and what is most important in his life. I hope you enjoy this story!

People often told me, "enjoy your children while they are young, they grow up so fast". I never got it until I saw the movie "Life as a House". I could relate - I saw (and felt) the personal element that fit my situation. Now I know - and I have the time to do something about it. I can appreciate what I have - my family. I am a lucky and blessed man to have the experiences / opportunities I have had and met the people I have met. I take none of it for granted...

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Published by on 6/18/06 is the article - Measuring Success by Pete McGarahan. Learn what Pete reminded himself about life and business by watching an in-flight movie. How do you measure success in your life?