About McGarahan & Associates

McGarahan & Associates helps organizations achieve service and support value. By applying extensive real world experiences, focus and industry best practices, we deliver results focused on strategic alignment, support structure, service level management, standard operating procedures, IT service management, staff utilization and training, tool optimization, marketing to senior management and reporting.

Our services to the Service and Support industry include:

  • Strategic, Tactical and Operational Best Practice Consulting
  • Managed Services / Strategic Sourcing
  • Training and Certification Courses
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring
  • Strategic Vendor (Tools) Consulting
  • Customer Surveying Services
  • Seminar and Conference Program Creation and Hosting
  • White paper, Position Paper, Case Study Authoring
  • Quality Assurance and Mystery Shopping Services

Our Value Proposition:

  • Thorough assessment and agreement of Current State
  • Determining Strategic opportunities / Business alignment / Value-driven services
  • Envisioning the art of possible aimed at current challenges, frustrations, bottlenecks and unrealized opportunities
  • Creating and selling the measurable and potential value of Continuous Improvement Initiatives
  • Solid understanding of ITSM / CRM industry best practices
  • Solid understanding of ITSM / CRM industry tools, technologies, vendors and service providers
  • Ability to articulate and communicate the value & measurable benefits of the desired solutions
  • Team-oriented, Politically aware, results-driven
  • Resourceful in approach to problem-solving
  • Networked with the global service and support community for accessing knowledge and experience